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Empowering Consumers To Support Social Equity In The Cannabis Industry

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Crystal Nugs, a licensed cannabis dispensary in Sacramento, California, is listed on Jane with the ownership tags for BIPOC and women entrepreneurs. Co-founder Maisha Bahati says that her company’s relationship with Jane has “absolutely” had a positive impact on the business, with the new ownership tags being only one example of how the platform can support small businesses trying to compete.

“As a Black woman from an underdeveloped community in Sacramento who is trying to make it in the cannabis business - which is 80% white male - it's important to support those who have suffered the most in the War on Drugs and help them succeed in the cannabis industry,” she writes in an email.

Bahati believes that social equity programs in the cannabis industry can help level the playing field for underrepresented entrepreneurs who disproportionately face challenges, most notably raising capital to open and grow their businesses. But also important are tools that help these businesses support each other.

“Crystal Nugs is one of the first social equity businesses in Sacramento, and we’re huge advocates for bringing more women and more minorities into this business,” says Bahati. “We want to change the narrative about social equity by not focusing on what we lack, but instead on the resources we have to make a difference. Through our business, we can support social equity brands.”


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