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Maisha Bahati & Crystal Nugs is Lighting the Fire in Sacramento. With a fully Licensed Delivery Service, Cultivation, Manufacturing, Distribution and a Cannabis Event Organizer License under their belts, there's no slowing down for this company! They take pride in being the First 100% Women/Minority owned Delivery Service in the Greater Sacramento area. Take a moment to see the coverage that is causing all the uproar!

-NEWS UPDATE City leaders just announced Crystal Nugs is one of the winners for the new Cannabis Storefront permit.

  • Cannabis dispensary planned for vacant Midtown building - Cannabis-delivery company Crystal Nugs is planting roots in Midtown with plans to open a storefront dispensary in a vacant building at the corner of J and 23rd streets. Read Full Story Here


  • Cannabis delivery company Crystal Nugs eyes Midtown location for dispensary - CEO Maisha Bahati said the site will have freeway access, and is just a few minutes away from Golden 1 Center. She declined to disclose the specific location until the lease is signed. Read Full Story Here


  • Sacramento Announces Crystal Nugs Finalists For New Pot Shop Permits - On Thursday, city leaders announced the finalists for ten new pot shop permits. The demand for these licenses is huge and big money is at stake. Read Full Story Here


  • Cannabis entrepreneurs plan manufacturing, distribution, incubator space in North Sac - After becoming among the first Black women in the Sacramento region to run their own cannabis businesses, Maisha Bahati and Miko Banks are looking to extend opportunities to others looking to get into the local industry. Read Full Story Here


  • The legal cannabis industry booms during the pandemic while backdoor drug dealers struggle, and cartels turn to social action while their business is at a standstill - See Crystal Nugs on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah - Watch the video Here


  • Cannabis practices in coronavirus era - Bahati said that every Crystal Nugs product has been popular, including flower, cartridges, edibles, tinctures and bath bombs. “Initially, many customers stated they were stockpiling because they weren’t sure if cannabis retailers would remain open,” she said. Read Full Story Here


  • Dispensaries, Local Breweries See More Customers Coming To Stock Up - Crystal Nugs, a delivery dispensary, said orders have doubled. “It’s just been non-stop. A lot of the orders are starting as soon as we open at 8:30 and they’re going constantly by the time we close at 9,” Maisha Bahati, co-founder of Crystal Nugs, said. Watch video here


  • How marijuana prohibition blocks people of color from getting into the legal cannabis industry - Decades of marijuana prohibition and high incarceration rates for marijuana convictions has left many Black and Hispanic people out of the legal marijuana boom. Read Full Story Here


  • California marijuana sales surge amid COVID-19 business closures - Marijuana dispensaries are seeing a boost in sales after Gov. Gavin Newsom ordered all non-essential businesses to close their doors.  Maisha Bahati is the co-founder of Crystal Nugs, the first minority and women-owned cannabis delivery service in Sacramento.  “Business has been great, especially this last week,” Bahati said.                      Read Full Story Here


  • Women of color in the cannabis industry | Extended interview with Maisha Bahati - Maisha Bahati is co-owner of Crystal Nugs, Sacramento's first women and minority-owned cannabis delivery service. She wants to see more women of color in the cannabis industry. Read the full article: https://bit.ly/38ApYm3


  • Minority-owned business forges path in local cannabis industry - Crystal Nugs is part of an emerging undercurrent of independent, minority-owned businesses in Sacramento's cannabis scene. Read Full Story Here


  • Crystal Nugs Enters the Sacramento Marketplace -  The first Black-owned Cannabis delivery company, Crystal Nugs, in Sacramento has joined the ranks of white dominated industry of dispensaries across America. NBC reports that Whites make up more than 80 percent of marijuana business owners, compared with only 4.3 percent of Blacks. But more people of color are entering the industry...
    Read Full Story Here


  • Delivery Divas - The women behind Crystal Nugs aim high as one of the area’s first female-owned cannabis delivery services in the area.
    Sacramento businesswoman Melina Brown and fashion designer Maisha Bahati walk to a warehouse off Richards Boulevard. The two enter the vacant building, where the first thing they come across is cardboard hanging from the ceiling and concrete walls cracked down to the dirt-covered cement floors... Read Full Story Here


  • 24 Cities Sue State Over Regulations, Trying To Put An End To Pot Delivery - SACRAMENTO COUNTY (CBS13) — Two-dozen municipalities across California coming together to try to put an end to pot deliveries. Eleven local cities from Solano to Stanislaus counties have joined the lawsuit.  The state policy says marijuana companies can drive around and make home deliveries anywhere in the state, but leaders from 24 cities now want local control over who can deliver and where. Some marijuana companies say regulating deliveries will put the brakes on their businesses for good.  Maisha Bahati is co-owner of a new marijuana business: “Crystal Nugs.” The company only does delivery.        Read Full Story Here


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